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CPT Code/Relative Value Search

The CPT coding system offers doctors across the country a uniform system that streamlines the reporting process and increases efficiency. For more than four decades, physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals have used CPT to communicate with colleagues, patients, hospitals and insurers about the procedures they have performed, all at no cost to the U.S. Government and taxpayers.

This page gives users of CPT the opportunity to perform CPT code searches and obtain information about Medicare's relative value payment amount associated with the codes. Searches can be performed using 5 digit CPT code numbers or key word(s) in the code description.

The results of this CPT Code/Relative Value Search are based on 2016 CPT codes and Medicare payment information.

To begin your search:

  1. First select your state to adjust for your geographic region.

  2. Enter 5 digit CPT code or keyword(s) here.

    (partial keyword searches are acceptable)

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